What is Foilayage?

June 22, 2021

What is Foilayage?

Foilayage is a coloring technique that combines freehand balayage and foils to achieve the lightest possible tone with the softest regrowth.  This technique is often used in combination with other foiling techniques such as babylights.  This is a great option for first timers who want to achieve a light blonde look and don’t want the commitment of foiling the roots.  

Colorists often use this technique to brighten up the ends of color services. Oftentimes the natural hair left out of a foil highlights will be foilayaged to create a pop of bright blonde at the ends.  This is called ‘tipping out’ and is very suitable in combination with babylights, face framing techniques, and first time classic highlights.  

When would you use foilayage instead of balayage?

When you are brunette and want to achieve a balayage look with more than 4 levels of lift

When you want a platinum or ash blonde effect but in a balayage technique

When you have fine hair and want to prevent bleeding of the color

When you want to brighten up the mid lengths and  tips in addition to your highlights

Backcombing and foilayage...

Oftentimes colorists will backcomb the section before they apply the color.  This diffuses the line where the color transitions into the natural hair.  This technique ensures the softest transition so you don’t end up with chunky and noticeable lines of color in the hair.  This technique is often used with people who have finer and straighter hair types where lines show easily.  

If you are interested in trying a new color technique, such as foilayage, book a color consultation.  You can discuss the different effects of foilayage and whether it is right for you.   

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