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February 11, 2021

Step by step guide to condition your hair after a shampoo

Conditioning your hair is an important step after the shampooing process. I run into a lot of people who skip this for one reason or another. If you have hair below the chin, I would rethink skipping this step as it replenishes the moisture lost in the shampooing process and improve the integrity of the hair.  

First off, it is important to have a professional grade conditioner that is right for you. Conditioner from a drugstore or supermarket is, more than likely, packed with cheap silicons and occlusive ingredients, such as petroleum and mineral oil. These ingredients can build up on your hair and scalp. It is important to get professional advice from your stylist as to what conditioner is best suited for you. 

Depending on your hair type will also depend on how often you condition. Some people condition only when they shampoo, others condition more regularly in between shampoos. There are some general guidelines to follow to help the conditioner work its magic however often you do this.   

Step 1) Shampoo and/or rinse the hair very well. Make sure there is no leftover residual product or shampoo in the hair before applying conditioner.  

Step 2) Remove some of the water by towel drying the hair or gently squeezing it out with your hands. This will allow the hair to absorb the moisture from the conditioner better.  

Step 3) Apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends of your hair and work it up towards the middle. Apply more if needed.  

Step 4) With a wide tooth comb, or a wet brush, detangle the hair from bottom upwards. This will allow for an even application and distribution of the conditioner. 

Step 5) Leave in for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. If you don’t rinse the conditioner out properly, it can leave a buildup on your hair and scalp and cause your hair to be greasy.    

Key tips to remember when conditioning your hair. Always start at the bottom and work the conditioner up. Never apply conditioner directly to the roots, especially if you have fine hair, as it tends to be heavy and weigh it down.

If you have more questions about how to best condition your hair ask your stylist next time you are at the salon. They have a very good understanding of the hair and will be able to give you some handy tips.   

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