Caring for Vibrant Colors

June 15, 2021

Vibrant colors can be any color of the rainbow really.  They are generally temporary colors that last 4-6 weeks, more or less.  Pastels can wash out sooner than brighter deeper colors, so that is something to take into consideration when choosing a vibrant.    

These colors tend to work on hair that has been lifted or pre-lightened best.  Hair that has been lifted to a light/pale yellow is ideal.  You want the hair to look like a blank canvas.  This will allow the hair to grab the true colors of those vibrants.  

This process can cost a pretty penny, for sure, especially if you are starting from scratch, so you don’t want to wash your vibrants down the drain after a week or two.  Here’s what you HAVE to do to maintain your vibrant colors.  

  1. DON’T wash your hair…  Or wash it as little as possible.  The minute you start washing your hair, you start removing the color.  Wash it only when you need to. 
  2. Use a sulfate free shampoo from a REPUTABLE brand.  SLS’s get inside the hair and skin and aggressively clean the hair, which means all your color will also come out.  DO NOT use Head and Shoulders, please, I am begging you.  It will remove your color faster than any other shampoo.  
  3. Use cool/cold water when you decide to wash your hair.  Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair and will allow the color to rinse out.  Cold water closes the cuticle allowing less color to slip out.  
  4. Buy a shower cap.  Only wet your hair when you absolutely need to, like when you wash it.  Every time you wet your hair a bit of color will rinse out.  A shower cap will help protect your hair from water when you are in the shower.  Great little investment if you ask me.  
  5. Protect your hair from the sun.  The sun is strong and has some serious bleaching ability.  1 day in the sun without protection and you can kiss that color goodbye.  Wear a hat or make sure you use a sun protection product on your hair.  Please use one specifically designed for hair though.  If you put sunscreen for your body on your hair it can also change the color.
  6. Refrain from using excessive heat from hot tools.  Irons can heat up to unbelievably hot temperatures and really mess up your color.  Using heat like that can really fade colors.  It’s not something I would recommend doing all the time if you want your virant color to stay.  
  7. Use a pigmented conditioner to top up your color.  Ask your stylist to make a colored hair mask  that matches your vibrant color and use this every time after every shampoo.  It will keep your color looking fresh much much longer as you replace the pigment every time it rinses out.  

When it comes to vibrant colors, your hair is a work of art.  It pays to care for it properly. Follow these steps and I promise you will keep your color lasting longer and looking fresh. 

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