Pulp Riot

If you aren’t familiar with Pulp Riot then we are ecstatic to be the first to introduce you to this edgy brand of semi permanent direct dyes.  If you want vibrant highly pigmented colors that last then get to know Pulp Riot.  At Salon Sassafras we have a selection of their many different semi permanent direct dyes to create combinations of vibrant colors as far as the mind can imagine.  We have a full spectrum of the rainbow as well as clear, grey, and black to create pastels, matted, and muted shades.  We even offer neon pigments for those who want to glow in the dark.

Pulp Riot works best on pre-lightened hair.  This allows the color to be brighter and bolder.  If you have lifted the hair to a pale yellow state then you have more options for pastel and powdery colors.  If you do not pre-lighten the hair the color will come out muted and flat, if it shows up at all.  

If you are dreaming of funky colors, our recommendation is to first book a color consultation with your stylist at Salon Sassafras to arrange an appointment.  After your coloring service we offer a personalized Olaplex No. 3 color top up treatment for home use so you can keep your color looking fresh between salon visits.

If you already have pre-lightened hair and want to refresh your vibrant color then contact your stylist to book a refresh treatment.  Ask about an Olaplex treatment while you are at it to keep your pre-lightened hair strong and healthy.  You can also  swing by the salon and pick up a tube of Pulp Riot and an Olaplex No. 3 treatment if you know what you want and prefer to do it at home.

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